About Hace

Hace is changing the current outlook for energy production. We propose an innovative, patented process that uses the immense reserve of wave power to produce non-intermittent electricity. After 5 years of developing the concept, Hace is bringing together a team of specialists and raising the necessary funds in 2017 to launch the operational phase.

Seal of Excellence - H2020 Step 2 - 2018
2nd prize for innovation 2017

A word from the founder

"Fukushima was the trigger. »

I've been a pragmatic environmentalist for 25 years. From my past I did a lot of deep dives. while I was quiet underwater doing my decompression step level, I saw these huge boats being heckled by the swell on the surface. It has become an obsession. If we could convert a fractions of this energy, humanity would have renewable energy.

Jean-Luc Stanek - CEO
Prize for innovation Pro 2015
2nd prize for innovation 2015

In 2011 Fukushima was a shock to me. In 2013 the company was launch while filing the first patent. Since 2017 I am fully involved in the development of a HACE's Wave Energy Converter

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