HACE is a patented technology. The modularly of the design allows it to be adapted to all kind marine resources ; whether in nearshore or off-shore. The modular organisation of Wave Energy Converter ease the creation renewable energy parks or provide coastal protection thanks to the integration of floating dikes that are used for energy production.

HACE Wave Energy Converter can be work in conjunction with other technology bricks for freshwater production ; hydrogen production ; offshore wind turbines supports ; cruiserboat electrification on port. For all of these situations, CAPEX and OPEX are effectively optimised

Our Test Facility

In 2018, HACE set up its demonstrator in the Atlantique Port of La Rochelle (France) in order to perform test under real conditions.

This Wave Energy Converter is located in a non-navigable area, in a maritime zone which is controlled by the authority of the port. Located beside from the coast (approximately 500 m) HACE Wave Energy Converter is a floating laboratory that serve to demonstrate permanent energy production based on small waves. The demonstrator has a modest 400 m² footprint on the sea.

Installation of HACE wave energy converter requires no definitive foundation. It is simply held in place by an anchor system.

Real-condition operation

This film shows the compressed air transfer from the a pressurised column to the channel that supplies compressed air to the turbine.

Compressed air is emerging from under the metal floor, after being trapped and compressed inside a water submerged column. It is the surface movement of the wave that actuates compression of the air while raising up inside the column.

When air is sufficiently compressed these valves open for releasing compressed air to be transferred into a pipe that provides air to the turbine.

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